Kanso CouchApps

Kanso is a framework for creating web applications which run on CouchDB. You don't need anything else in your stack, meaning apps are easy to deploy and easy to distribute.

The Kanso framework was designed for rapid development and code maintainability. Because it only requires CouchDB to host an app, you can write web apps which run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile devices! Using our framework will reduce app development cost.

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Easy Schemas = new Type('author', {
    fields: {
        age:  fields.number(),
        name: fields.string(),
        web:  fields.url()

Kanso ships with a number of tools to make defining your data model as easy as possible. The Types system provides powerful functions for document validation and permissions checks. Even allowing you to embed document types within each other! This system is incredibly flexible, and designed specifically for working with CouchDB.

Admin Interface

Admin interface

To help you get your app off the ground, Kanso provides an admin interface which can understand your data model and provide easy forms for getting data into the system and seeing how it fits together.

CommonJS Environment

var types = require('kanso/types'),
    mymodule = require('./mymodule');

// public function
exports.hello = function () {
    return "Hello World!";

With Kanso, you work in a clean and maintainable environment structured as JavaScript modules. If you've ever worked with CouchApps directly, you may have wrestled with magic comments for including files and an unwieldy directory structure from which a JSON document is generated. Now, you can just require() modules to reference them, and organise files however you like!

Runs in the Browser!

Tired of writing the same code over and over again? Often in two different programming languages?

function validate(val) {
    if (val.length > 10) {
        throw new Error('Too long!');
def validate(val):
    if len(val) > 10:
        raise ValueError('Too long!')

Kanso provides the same environment server-side and client-side. That means you can run the same field validation at either end, render the same templates dynamically in the client or pre-render on the server.

Kanso automatically runs your code client-side when possible, and on CouchDB when JavaScript is not available. Helping you to write responsive web-interfaces without the overhead.

Search-Engine Friendly

Kanso makes it easy to write CouchApps which go beyond the "single-page" AJAX app. You get clean URLs which point to server-rendered pages containing your core content, making it easy for search-engines to index and providing a useful fall-back.

You shouldn't need to break the web with "hash-bang" URLs that won't work at all in a browser without JavaScript. You should be able to describe fall-backs easily, then enhance the experience client-side.